Tk20 will be unavailable beginning 9:00pm - 10:00pm CT on February 12th, 2016 due to scheduled maintenance. You will not be able to log in during these times. Please address any questions to your System Administrator or contact Tk20 Customer Support at

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The Mozilla Firefox browser is highly recommended for Tk20. Most users have difficulty saving data when using Internet Explorer (IE).

Please login using your AWC username and password (the same user id and password you use to get into Blackboard).

If your AWC username and password does not work (i.e., you recently changed your name in the AWC HUMAN RESOURCE office), please contact the IT help desk or the Tk 20 administrator as noted below.


If you are a student and you are having trouble logging in to complete the Faculty Appraisals please contact:

Biridiana Martinez

Center for Teaching Effectiveness





To access a glossary of terms regarding assessment and TK 20, click the link below.


For questions regarding this system, please contact your system administrator:

Administrator: Elaine Groggett
Phone: (928) 317-6043